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SweetRush is a training consultancy providing a range of services to help individuals and organizations grow and thrive.

Industry: Professional Services Type: Private

Why Freedom at Work™

The best moments in business, as in life, are when people act out of love rather than fear. Love in business often expresses itself through acts of respect and empathy or through a culture of freedom and mutual accountability in pursuit of a common vision or mission. People who find meaning and purpose in their craft, and in exploring it with others, excel in high-trust environments.

The leadership at SweetRush has always known that the intersection of personal freedom and the refinement of one’s craft are foundational to providing effective, innovative, and memorable services for our client-partners. The work of freedom and happiness are not for the faint at heart. There are many patterns and systems in the larger world of work and organizations that, at their center, are designed around fear. These are easy to fall into and often promote themselves as worldly wisdom or responsible risk management. Some of these fear-based systems or regulations are mandated by law or by the contracts we enter into with clients. In negotiating these pitfalls of fear, we remind ourselves of our belief that people are basically good, and that freedom and happiness ensure they have an easier time expressing that goodness in the way they treat others and in the way they explore their craft.

For SweetRush, as for all healthy living systems, we are a blend of the pragmatic and the aspirational. Freedom-Centered Leadership is simply the practice of balancing these two natural forces needed to grow more vibrant each day.

- Andrei Hedstrom, CEO, SweetRush