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Freedom at Work
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Imagine a workplace where collaboration, innovation, and trust are paramount.
Here, personal accountability is more than an idea – it's ingrained.
Individuals share a dedication to personal growth and organizational progress,
fostering a culture that fuels individual and team success.

Welcome to Freedom at Work® – a proven model that's sparked
transformation in small to Fortune 500 companies in 100+ countries.
CEOs and their teams have harnessed its power to
shape leadership and culture, resulting in breakthrough
success stories that inspire.

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with WorldBlu's Founder, Traci Fenton
and special guest Ricardo Semler, CEO, Semco

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On-the-job democracy isn’t just a lofty concept but a better, more profitable way to do things. We all demand democracy in every other aspect of our lives and culture. People are considered adults in their private lives, at the bank, at their children’s schools, with family and among friends—so why are they suddenly treated like adolescents at work? Why can’t workers be involved in choosing their own leaders? Why shouldn’t they manage themselves? Why can’t they speak up—challenge, question, share information openly?

Ricardo Semler

CEO, Semco and Best-Selling Author of Maverick

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Discover the Game-Changing
Freedom at Work Leadership Strategy

The top companies in the world are shifting from hierarchical to freedom-centered, democratic leadership that is more decentralized, collaborative, adaptive, and scalable. Get inspired by 50+ companies across all industries practicing this proven framework and discover how you can bring it into your organization.

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