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Freedom at Work is for any leader who wants to lead themselves, their team, or their organization based on freedom rather than fear for breakthrough results.


the ROI?

Independent research found that leaders who practice Freedom at Work have 700% higher revenue growth compared to S&P 500 companies over a three-year period.


How do We
Learn it?

Members of WorldBlu get access to top courses, coaching, events, and more that teach leaders how to successfully practice Freedom at Work.


Who else is
doing it?

Freedom at Work is used by hundreds of top CEOs and leaders in over 100 countries worldwide, transforming the way they live, lead, and work. 


Why Does It

Fear negatively impacts leadership behavior, decisions, and results. By addressing and overcoming fear, leaders discover how to lead with freedom, transforming their teams. 

Welcome to Freedom at Work

Discover the proven Freedom at Work
model used by top leaders and organizations.

Freedom at Work™ is a proven leadership model
that creates Freedom-Centered rather than fear-based
leaders and organizational cultures.

There are three dimensions of the Freedom at Work model –
Mindset, Leadership, and Design.

The purpose of the Freedom at Work leadership model
is straightforward – to create leaders and organizations
that thrive on freedom with accountability rather than
outdated fear and control-based leadership.

The Freedom at Work leadership model was developed
based on a decade of research into the optimal model
for organizational growth and leadership development.

The Freedom at Work leadership model expertly addresses
the most pressing leadership problems found in organizations today
regardless of their size, location, or industry.

Additionally, independent research confirms that companies that practice 
Freedom at Work approach on average 7x greater revenue growth
compared to the S&P 500 companies over a three-year period.

Freedom-Centered Organizations are also much more resilient
during challenging economic times.

The Freedom at Work leadership model has been used by
top brands worldwide including Zappos, WD-40,
Pandora, DaVita, Mindvalley, Menlo Innovations, Widen, 

and hundreds more.

The Freedom at Work™ leadership model simply works.

We invite you to learn more and join the movement
for more freedom in the way we all live, lead, and work.

Welcome to Freedom at Work


Yours in freedom,
Traci Fenton
Founder of WorldBlu 


The Freedom at Work™
Leadership Model

The Freedom at Work leadership model
is compromised of three core pillars:
Mindset, Leadership, and Organizational Design.

Freedom at Work Model - tight cut

Step 1:
Freedom-centered MINDSET

Discover how to cultivate a Freedom-Centered, rather than fear-based, mindset. 


Step 2:
Freedom-centered LEADERSHIP

Next, learn how how to practice the three key attributes of a Freedom-Centered Leader.


Step 3:
Freedom-centered DESIGN

Last, design your systems and processes using the WorldBlu 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy. 



Freedom at Work is the book rewriting the rules of leadership.
Discover 50 top WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Companies and
100 + best practices for leading with the principles of freedom and
organizational democracy that will teach any CEO, manager, leader or employee
how to make their team high-performing and highly profitable,
while creating a culture people love.

The Bottom-line Impact
of Freedom at Work

Cart 1 - Color (1)

700% Greater Revenue Growth

According to an independent analysis, companies that practiced the proven Freedom at Work™ model achieved on average 7 times greater revenue growth over a three-year period compared to S&P 500 companies.

In other words, WorldBlu clients achieved a staggering 103% revenue growth rate compared to the S&P 500 companies which only achieved a 15% revenue growth rate during that same period.

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Superior Resiliency

During the Great Recession, over 10% of companies failed (meaning they went out of business), whereas WorldBlu companies practicing the Freedom at Work™ model had only a 4.6% exit rate, proving to be much more resilient during challenging economic times.

In short, 95% of WorldBlu clients practicing the Freedom at Work™ model survived the Great Recession.

Take the Freedom at Work Leadership Course

Ready to go deeper into the Freedom at Work leadership model and discover how to apply it to your team or organization?


If yes, we invite you to take our 12-week signature leadership course, Freedom at Work, taught by the Founder + CEO of WorldBlu and author of the book by the same name, Traci Fenton.


Discover how to lead yourself, your team, or your organization with freedom rather than fear for breakthrough results at work and in your life.

Learn More

The Real Problem: Fear at Work

The key problem the Freedom at Work
leadership model addresses is fear, which impacts
our decisions, behavior, and bottom-line results. 

Symptoms of Fear
in Our Leadership:
  • Smily Stress
  • Smily Anger
  • Smily Bullying
  • Smily Manipulation
  • Smily Perfectionism
  • Smily Judgmentalism
  • Smily Micromanagement
  • Smily Analysis paralysis
  • Smily Inaction
  • Smily Illness and disease
  • Smily Imbalance
  • Smily Burn-out
  • Smily Addiction
  • Smily Procrastination
  • Smily Low self-worth
Symptoms of Fear in
Our Organizations:
  • Smily Bureaucracy
  • Smily Fiefdoms
  • Smily Territorial behavior
  • Smily Inefficiencies
  • Smily Conformity
  • Smily Stress and Anxiety
  • Smily Rigidity
  • Smily Finger-pointing
  • Smily Disengagement
  • Smily Command and Control Management
  • Smily Poor Communicaation
  • Smily Distrust
  • Smily Low Morale
  • Smily Rules and Policies
  • Smily Absenteeism and High Turnover

Freedom at Work:
Individual Level


At WorldBlu, our Leader members get access to top training and transformational courses that focus on the first two pillars of the Freedom at Work model: Mindset and Leadership.

Through our coaching and courses, we equip leaders with the proven skills and tools they need to learn how to cultivate a Freedom-Centered Mindset to lead with
freedom rather than fear.

After a leader understands how to do this, they are then ready to learn how to design a Freedom-Centered Team or Organizational Culture.


Our Leadership Courses

At WorldBlu, we offer our members the following leadership courses
for leaders to learn how to cultivate a freedom-centered mindset
and lead as a Freedom-Centered Leader.

Apply Now

The Fearless Mindset Course

Badge - WorldBlu Academy (1)-1

Discover our 5-step practice for developing a fearless mindset in business and life.

For leaders looking to break through any limitation

Apply now

The Freedom-Centered Leader Course

Badge - WorldBlu Academy (1)-1

Discover how to lead yourself and others with freedom.

For top leaders who want to lead with freedom, not fear


Here’s What Leaders are Saying
About Our Courses

Here’s what leaders are saying about select badges
in our mindset and leadership courses.
This badge helped me crawl inside the deepest, darkest places in my head, and crawl back out again. I now feel like I am standing in the sun with a map to guide me forward.

Callie de Roussan

United States

I believe this is a mandatory badge for everyone to truly think about vulnerability as a concept because it creates more trust and connection and no fear.

Alexandra Enke


I can't be more positive about this badge! The most important people in my life are now benefitted every day because of this badge.

Nathan Donaldson

New Zealand

I absolutely loved this badge! Great topic to reflect upon and the content was invaluable in helping with that reflection.

Kevin Brinnehl

United States

This badge is packed with big and small ideas to make one's work and personal life more harmonious and effective. I highly recommend it!

Ann Brown

United States

Good listening is an essential leadership skill and this badge helps show participants what it looks and feels like to listen at deeper levels.

Kara Conley

United States

This badge is worth the time you put into it and it helps you recognize where your boundaries are and where they may need to be.

Emily Jacoby

United States

A powerful tool that you can use both in your personal and professional life building trust and stronger relationships! Totally worth doing it.

Rita Abrantes


Wonderfully reflective, powerful badge. As a 'perceived' extrovert, this badge has shown me that it is ok for me to be a proud Ambivert.

Garry Turner


Receiving feedback is as important as giving feedback. Learning how to do both is critical. This badge gives you tangible steps to create better conversations.

Annette Jensen

United States


Freedom at Work:
Organizational Level

Research shows that a staggering 75% of an organization's culture
is determined by its systems and processes. This makes it critical to choose the right organizational design for high growth, peak performance, and a world-class culture. 


Our Organizational members get access to top training and transformational courses in all three pillars of the Freedom at Work leadership model: Mindset, Leadership and Design. 

The Wrong Approach:
The Right Approach:
Freedom at Work Model - tight cut

The Optimal Framework for Design:
The WorldBlu 10 Principles of
Organizational Democracy

What is the optimal model for organizational design 
that creates an environment of success for everyone?


We believe the optimal model is organizational democracy.

But what is democracy?

Most of us think democracy means voting or politics -
but that is not correct. 


Democracy is not a collection of practices;
it is a leadership style, based on a system of principles
applicable to every area of life.

Democracy is a way of organizing people to release
their full potential for the benefit of all. 

After a decade of rigorous research, we've identified exactly which
principles are needed to create a democratic system.

These are the
WorldBlu 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy,
and they ALL must be in operation in order to create a robust, scalable,
and distinctly democratic organizational design. 

  • svg-9

    Purpose + vision

    Purpose and Vision are at work when each individual and the organization knows their reason for being and has a sense of intentional direction.

  • handshake


    Integrity is at work when each individual and the organization uphold high moral and ethical principles.

  • discussgreen

    dialogue + listening

    Dialogue and Listening are at work when each individual listens and engages in conversation in a way that deepens meaning and connection.

  • transparency


    Transparency is at work when ideas and information are openly and responsibly shared.

  • volunter


    Accountability is at work when each individual and the organization are responsible to each other for their actions.

  • decentralization


    Decentralization is at work when power is appropriately shared throughout an organization.

  • learning

    individual + collective

    The Individual and the Collective are at work when both of their rights are valued and respected.

  • vote


    Choice is at work when each individual chooses between different possibilities.

  • justice_03

    fairness + dignity

    Fairness and Dignity are at work when each individual is treated justly and impartially and is recognized for their inherent worth.

  • evalution

    reflection + evaluation

    Reflection and Evaluation are at work when each individual and the organization are committed to continuous feedback and growth.

Download the 10  Principles of Organizational Democracy

Freedom at Work vs. Fear at Work

What kind of workplace do you have?

Fear at Work: Freedom at Work:
Authoritarian, Centralized Command and Control Democratic
Personality-driven Principle-based
Rigid Agile
Favoritism Meritocracy
Slow, Unsustainable Growth Fast, Sustainable Growth
Secretive Transparent
Survival of the fittest Ubuntu
Perks and Incentives Living Your Purpose
Division Unity
Moral relativism Moral
Disengagement Engagement
Rules and policies Common sense
Unfair and disrespectful Fair and respectful
Order-takers Critical thinkers
Treats employees as cogs in a machine Treats employees with dignity and respect
Limited revenue growth Unlimited revenue growth
Less resilient Highly resilient
Limits potential Unleashes potential
Tells employees what to do Employees self-manage
Fear-based Freedom-centered
Controlling Stewarding
Censorship Free expression
Destroying self-worth Building high self-worth
Conformity Individuality
Narrative Truth
Head-driven Head, heart, and hands-driven
Power to the top Power to the people

The 5 Stages of Organizational Transformation

We believe there are five major stages of organizational transformation.
What stage is your organization in?

Stage 1 : Fear-Based Organizations

Employees are miserable, governed by fear, control, secrecy, greed, and manipulation.


Stage 2 : Benevolent Dictatorship

Employees are governed by a leader who is kind but doesn’t trust them enough to give them real power and influence.


Stage 3 : The Rich Dad or Mom

Management is “Dad or Mom” and the organization is financially well-off enough to provide nice perks for employees, such as free beer, foosball, Bring Your Dog to Work Day, and gym memberships, temporarily masking the fact that they still have almost no influence or decision-making power.


Stage 4 : Forward-Thinking Models

At this point, there has been a positive shift in the design of the organization, giving more power to employees through more forward-thinking practices such as employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), co-ops, servant leadership, self-management and other methods; these include sociocracy, ROWEs (Results-Only Workplace Environments), Best Places to Work, or Agile. However, mindset and leadership training may still be missing, and the organizational design may not yet be fully democratized.




Stage 5 : Freedom-Centered Organizations

The organizational mindset, leadership style, and design have fully shifted from fear and control to the Freedom at Work™ leadership model,  producing a democratic and Freedom-Centered Culture. The WorldBlu 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy™ are all in operation throughout the organization. Employees are fully engaged and have real decision-making power and influence. With thriving democratic systems and processes established, CEOs, leaders, and employees can now experience scalable growth and success.


The Benefits of Freedom at Work

The Freedom at Work™ leadership model
benefits both individuals and organizations. 

  1. Leaders at Every Level

    Freedom at Work develops leaders throughout your organization, not just at the “top.”

  2. Revenue Growth

    Companies that practice Freedom at Work have, on average, 700% greater revenue growth over a 3-year period compared to S&P 500 companies.

  3. Effective Hiring

    Freedom at Work teaches the #1 thing you must hire for to build a world-class culture.

  4. Increased Innovation

    Freedom at Work creates an environment receptive to new ideas, constructive failure, and meaningful innovation.

  5. Full Engagement

    Freedom at Work ensures the design of systems and processes that result in meaningful engagement throughout the organization.  

  6. Increased Resiliency

    During the Great Recession, the average failure rate of companies in the US was 10.33%. WorldBlu certified companies practicing Freedom at Work, had only a 4.6% failure rate, with 95% surviving the Great Recession.

  7. Integrity

    Freedom at Work develops higher levels of integrity and moral courage throughout an organization.

  8. Personal Accountability

    You can’t have freedom without accountability. Freedom at Work teaches individuals how to take extreme ownership of their thinking, actions, and decisions.

  9. A Model Culture

    Freedom at Work develops organizational cultures that are models for the world.


  10. Effective Teams

    Freedom at Work creates the systems and processes needed to have highly effective teams that enjoy working together.

  11. A Scalable Strategy

    Freedom at Work delivers not just tactics but a scalable, principle-based strategy for growth that is universally applicable.

  12. Customization

    Unlike other methods that are often based on one-size-fits-all best practices, Freedom at Work provides a principle-based framework that is customizable to any organization’s unique needs.

  13. Meaning + Well-Being

    Freedom at Work isn’t about perks and incentives – it's about creating an environment that is freedom-centered rather than fear-based, delivering meaning, fulfillment, and well-being to individuals.

  14. Principle Over Personality

    Freedom at Work isn't dependent on a charismatic personality at the “top” to make it work. Instead, it is based on timeless and universal democratic principles.


Our Products + Courses
for Organizations

At WorldBlu, we offer our members the following leadership products
and courses for how to build a Freedom-Centered Organization.

Apply Now

The Freedom at Work Scorecard + Certification

Badge - WorldBlu Academy (1)-1

Transform your culture using our proven organizational design assessment.

For organizations with 5+ employees that have been in business one full year or more

Apply Now

Freedom-Centered Cultures Course

Badge - WorldBlu Academy (1)-1

Design a culture that grows your bottom-line.

For C-suite and HR leaders ready to design a Freedom-Centered Workplace




Garry Ridge

CEO, The WD-40 Company


Dallas Kashuba

Co-Founder, Dreamhost


Matthew Gonnering

CEO, Widen


Matt Perez

COO, Nearsoft

We grew 63% in one year, adding over $1 million to our bottom-line with Freedom at Work.

Nathan Donaldson

CEO, Boost



Have a question about the Freedom at Work model?
We have answers!
What is the Freedom at Work model?

Freedom at Work™ is a proven model that creates freedom-centered rather than fear-based workplace cultures.

There are three dimensions of the Freedom at Work model – 
Mindset, Leadership, and Organizational Design.

The purpose of the Freedom at Work model is straightforward – 
to create workplace cultures that thrive on freedom with accountability rather than outdated fear and control-based organizational design and management techniques.

The Freedom at Work model was developed based on a decade of research into the optimal model for organizational growth and leadership performance. 

What is organizational democracy?

We define organizational democracy as the 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy mentioned above. We do not believe an organization is democratic unless all 10 principles are in operation throughout an organization.

Does Freedom at Work mean no managers, bosses or a CEO?

Freedom at Work develops leaders throughout an organization, regardless of their title. We do not believe in “bosses;” we believe in leaders. We do not believe in the management of people, only resources.

And yes, you can still have a CEO, the same way a democratic country has a President, but that CEO’s job is to ensure the overall quality and health of the democracy within the organization.

Does organizational democracy mean voting on everything?

No. Voting is a decision-making method, but it is not inherently democratic. They vote in North Korea – but there is only one choice on the ballot, so it’s not very democratic!

There are many ways of democratically making decisions: voting with majority rule, consensus, and consent-based decisions.

An organization must decide what method they want to use to make decisions in their organization and who should be involved.

Many leaders are scared of democratic decision-making in organizations because they think it will slow things down.

But the reality is democratic decision-making creates alignment and an ownership culture faster so that when it comes time to implement the decision, it is a quicker and more effective experience.

How does Freedom at Work compare to other models out there?

While we aren’t familiar with every model of organizational design, what we have found is there are two main models of organizational design and leadership:

  1. Command and Control
  2. Democratic

Everyone knows that the command and control model is dead. However, most of the newer models being presented in the last few decades are more quasi-democratic. They may have some of the principles of organizational democracy baked into them but not all of the principles – which is why they don’t work as effectively as they could.

Most of the new models of organizational development don't address mindset and leadership in their overall strategy. They are usually practice-driven rather than principle-based and therefore not scalable. They are often overly-engineered, take out human emotion, and are prescriptive.

Democracy as a model of organizational design has been around for millennia; WorldBlu doesn’t claim to have invented it.

Our goal is simply to define the principles that actually create a democratic system so that more people can understand what democracy actually is. Then, it can be practiced much more effectively around the world in every industry and sector. 

Who developed the Freedom at Work model?

Traci Fenton, the Founder and CEO of WorldBlu, developed the Freedom at Work model, based on over two decades of research and global experience.

How long does it take to practice Freedom at Work?

The amount of time it takes to implement all three parts of the Freedom at Work model in an organization will vary depending on the size of the organization and the level of self-worth in their top leadership.

WorldBlu’s courses, based on over 20 years of research and experience, however, accelerates the transformation process, making it faster, easier, and more fun to build a truly freedom-centered culture.

Is Freedom at Work for every organization?

No, the Freedom at Work model is not for every organization and here's why -- Freedom at Work means creating a culture that brings out the best in people, and this requires that the top leaders of the organization have high self-worth. Without a sense of high self-worth, top leaders will feel threatened by the democratic culture being created and undermine it. 

At WorldBlu, to get into our Freedom-Centered Culture mastermind and courses, top leaders must have high self-worth. If they don't, we can still work with them provided they are willing to work on developing their level of self-worth. We offer support in this area in our Freedom-Centered Leader courses.

To date, we've worked in 80 countries worldwide and in dozens of industries, with small to Fortune 500 companies and we have proven that the Freedom at Work model is universally applicable. Everyone wants to work in freedom, not fear, regardless of what an organization does, its industry or what country it is based in. 

How do we get started with Freedom at Work?

The best way for an organization to get started with the Freedom at Work model is to take the Freedom at Work Scorecard so we can benchmark your organization’s current level of democratic design in your systems and processes.

Individuals wishing to get going with the mindset and leadership dimensions of the Freedom at Work model can start with our Fearless Mindset or Freedom-Centered Leader courses.

How do we develop a freedom-centered mindset in our organization?

Research shows that the average person thinks around 60,000 thoughts a day, and 80 percent of those thoughts are fear-based, negatively impacting their decisions and behavior. 

The WorldBlu Academy offers our transformational Fearless Mindset course which teaches individuals, among other things, a 5-step process for recognizing and overcoming any fear in life so they live, lead, and work more fearlessly. 

How do we develop freedom-centered leaders in our organization?

Research shows that 75 percent of people who voluntarily leave their jobs do so because of a bad leader, costing companies billions of dollars a year. 

The WorldBlu Academy offers our 12-week transformational Freedom-Centered Leader course which teaches leaders the skills they need to lead themselves and others fearlessly. 

How do we develop a freedom-centered organizational design?

Research shows that organizations that have freedom-centered rather than fear-based cultures are more engaged and have higher levels of revenue growth.

The WorldBlu Academy offers our Freedom -Centered Cultures Mastermind which teaches C-suite and HR/People/Talent (or equivalent) leaders how to design the democratic systems and processes that create a high-performing freedom-centered culture. 

Why is your company named WorldBlu?
Our name is "WorldBlu" because the color blue is universally recognized as the color of freedom around the world. Our vision is to see one billion people living, leading, and working in freedom rather than fear, so our name, WorldBlu, encapsulates that vision for us!
I want to learn more, how do I talk with someone at WorldBlu?
Great! Simply click the green button on the top left side of this page that says, "Book a Call" and book a call to talk with one of our top transformational experts who will explore if Freedom at Work and our courses are right for you. We look forward to connecting with you!
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