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Free course on Freedom at Work™:
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In this free leadership course, "Freedom at Work: The Leadership Strategy for Transforming Your Organization and Our World,” you'll discover how the top leaders use freedom and organizational democracy to lead their teams and companies to 700% greater revenue growth.

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Our membership gives top CEOs and leaders like you
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The Freedom at Work™ Leadership Model


Freedom-Centered Mindset

Discover how to cultivate a mindset based in freedom rather than fear.

Freedom-Centered Leadership

Discover how to lead yourself and others with freedom, not fear.

Freedom-Centered Design

Discover how to design your culture with organizational democracy.

The Bottom-line Impact of
Leading With Freedom at Work


Check out the bottom-line results of an independent study
of the Freedom at Work™ leadership model. 

AVERAGE culmulative 3-year Growth rate (%)

700% Revenue Growth

According to an independent analysis, companies that practiced the proven Freedom at Work™ model approached on average 7 times greater revenue growth over a three-year period compared to S&P 500 companies.

In other words, WorldBlu clients achieved a staggering 103% revenue growth rate compared to the S&P 500 companies which only achieved a 15% revenue growth rate during that same period.


Superior Resiliency

During the Great Recession, over 10% of companies failed (meaning they went out of business), whereas WorldBlu companies practicing the Freedom at Work™ model had only a 4.6% exit rate, proving to be much more resilient during challenging economic times.

In short, 95% of WorldBlu clients practicing the Freedom at Work™ model survived the Great Recession.


Here’s why CEOS and top leaders
are Joining WorldBlu

"I'm a member of WorldBlu because thanks to Freedom at Work, our sales have quadrupled and our market cap has increased from $250 million to over $2 billion."
Garry Ridge

CEO | The WD-40 Company

San Diego, CA
"I viscerally believe in the power of democracy and that a democratic business through the WorldBlu Freedom at Work leadership model releases the collective ingenuity of a people to create resiliency, durability, and a magnetic capability to foster market and financial strength."
Jenny Briggs

Chair | GIS Inc.
& former VP of HR | New Belgium Brewing

Ft. Collins, Colorado
"I've been involved with WorldBlu from the early days and am a great believer in freedom in the workplace. I became a member so I can promote this great work to others and also continue learning from fellow leaders."
Mark Dowds

CEO | Anthemis

Newtownards, UK
"We're organizational members of WorldBlu and we've grown on average 23% each year over the past 10 years, largely due to Freedom at Work."
Matthew Gonnering

CEO | Widen

Wisconsin, USA
"Through their research, models, and learning, WorldBlu has stood for aspirational qualities I've used with my clients and in my own enterprise. Game-changing, pioneering, and democratic organizations really do provide the next stages of organizational evolution."
Perry Timms

Chief Energy Officer | PTHR

Wellingborough, UK
"The reason I joined WorldBlu is that I believe in the power of community and the inspiration I get from every interaction at WorldBlu. I am truly inspired by The Power Question that they teache, which brings to the surface creativity, innovation, and authenticity in people."
Roxana Crăciun

Recruitment Consultant

Bucharest, Romania
“We've been a part of the WorldBlu community since 2009. And with WorldBlu’s help, we've grown more than 12 times since then. Our growth and success is a direct result of our culture, which is guided by the freedom-centered and democratic principles that WorldBlu represents."
Matt Perez

COO | Nearsoft

US & Mexico
"We are organizational members in WorldBlu, and as a result, we've grown 63% in one year, adding over $1 million to our bottom-line because of Freedom at Work."
Nathan Donaldson

CEO | Boost

Wellington, New Zealand
"WorldBlu has helped me put words to the thoughts and feelings I had about designing workplaces where everyone can thrive. Being a member encourages me to continue to up my game as a leader to lead with freedom, addressing fear anytime it rears its ugly head."
Chris Widner

VP of Human Resources | Quality Ironworks

Dallas, TX

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WorldBlu was founded in 1997 and is the largest global membership of CEOs committed to leading with freedom rather than fear in their organizations, with clients in over 80 countries globally, representing over $30 billion in annual revenue.

WorldBlu’s founder and CEO, Traci Fenton, developed the Freedom at Work™ leadership model, which is used by for-profit and non-profit organizations worldwide. The Freedom at Work leadership model has been independently verified as producing, on average, 700% greater revenue growth over a three-year period, compared to S&P 500 companies.

Traci has been recognized in Inc. magazine as one of the “Top 50 Leadership Thinkers in the World” and has also earned the Game Changer award for “Outstanding Results in Shaping the World.”

Traci was also named a "2020 World-Changing Woman in Conscious Business and has been named a Marshall Goldsmith "Top 100 Coach."

Traci is the author of the forthcoming book, Freedom at Work: The Leadership Strategy for Our Organizations and Our World. 

WorldBlu’s clients include such well-respected brands as Zappos, DaVita, The WD-40 Company, Mindvalley, HCL Technologies, Menlo Innovations, Widen, Pandora, Hulu, Meet-Up, Geonetric, GE Aviation, and hundreds more around the world from almost every industry.

WorldBlu has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, BusinessWeek, US News & World Report, Fortune, Forbes, the BBC, NPR, and dozens of other media outlets around the world as well as in over three dozen books.

Traci has spoken at Harvard, Yale, The US Naval Academy, Yahoo, South by Southwest, the CIA and more, to thousands of leaders at events around the world.

WorldBlu’s vision is to provide world-class leadership training and a top global community teaching CEOs and top leaders how to build highly successful Freedom-Centered Organizations, ultimately impacting one billion people worldwide.

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