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Seedspace offers many growth opportunities to startups, entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and all professionals who can benefit from access to coworking space, events, training, co-living and investment programs.

Industry: Professional Services
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Why Freedom at Work™

If you speak with anyone from our team you will see how driven they are, ambitious and motivated by our mission as an organization. When you have such a motivated team, then your role as a leader is to create a framework that provides support and eliminates any unnecessary roadblocks that gets in the way of people. This is the reason why we let people decide where to work from, when to work, and how many days they want to take off each year. This is also the reason why we are exploring self-management in our 30+ teams, why we don’t have middle managers, and why the role of the leaders we have in our team is to provide support, not to tell people what to do.

- Horatiu Ticau, Head of People Operations, Seedspace