Ideas That Evoke

A WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Workplace™

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Ideas That Evoke is a marketing agency.

Industry: Marketing Type: Private
Years on the WorldBlu List: 2018

Why Freedom at Work™

Ideas That Evoke uses Freedom at Work™ to create an environment that treats both employees and clients with the respect and care that have been present since I founded the agency in 2009. As a rapidly-growing company, I recognized that I needed to make room for employees to grow with the agency. We've integrated practices along the way, including WorldBlu's 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy™, to set the scene for a trusting, encouraging and supportive atmosphere. In a high-speed, high-demand environment like an agency, people need more than "work hard, play hard" perks. Employees need to know their work matters and their voice is heard. Our open-door policy keeps the company as decentralized as it was back when we only had one employee. 

 - Kelly Ehlers, Founder and CEO, Ideas That Evoke