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Encora is a product software development service.

Industry: Software Type: Private

Why Freedom at Work™

From the start we wanted to create an organization that was great for people and good for business. We believed then, and know now that you can't have the latter without the former.

Particularly in our business, people are very creative and passionate about their work. We wanted to create an environment to support them and would encourage them to be their best. Playfulness and experimentation is at the root of innovation.

Adults self-management every other aspect of their lives. They make major decisions outside of work. So, why not at work as well? Once you remove the obstacles that a hierarchy imposes, people blossom.

We started with good intentions but with no clear idea of how to make it happen. Along the way, we had the fortune of finding WorldBlu and its community.

- Matt Perez, EVP/COO, Nearsoft