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A WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Organization™

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The mission of CROS: The Alternative University, is to change Romanian education through autonomy and collaboration. This means that each student self-directs their own education and develops communities of practice based on common values and passions.

Industry: Education Type: Not For Profit

Why Freedom at Work™

Working in a freedom-centered workplace is incredibly empowering for me because this has, at its roots, the premise that each of us is unique, so everyone works and learns in a different way. I have learned a lot about personal initiative, about how to be an intrapreneur and a valued participant in a vibrant democratic team. Since becoming a part of this team I have learned how to work in an engaging and participatory environment, how to contribute in shared decision-making and how to experiment with self-directed learning and working. Most importantly, this university has nurtured my self-determination and encouraged me to cultivate my own values, to enjoy working for a cause, for the students and, ultimately, for my own growth.

- Andreea Gospodariu, Learning Experience Designer, CROS: The Alternative University