A WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Workplace™

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Autonom is a car rental company in Romania.

Industry: Automotive Type: Private
Years on the WorldBlu List: 2018

Why Freedom at Work™

We choose to practice freedom at work because we want to create an environment where our colleagues are motivated to develop themselves, grow ideas, are satisfied about their work and consequently about the results.

We consider that when our colleagues are part of the decision-making process they become more involved and are motivated to try harder.

We believe in autonomy at work. Each month we ask our employees to share innovative ideas with their colleagues which we can use to improve our activity, interaction with our clients and our internal environment.

Our colleagues have the freedom to find the best solution for our clients and for their everyday problems and tasks. We believe that this is the best way to learn, increase productivity and generate more engagement from our colleagues.

- Mihail Pricop, Training Manager, Autonom