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15Five is a software provider which is designed to make continuous employee feedback simple and drive high performing cultures.

Industry: Computer + Software Services

Why Freedom at Work™

15Five operates via Best-Self Management, by supporting people in being and becoming their best selves, higher and ever increasing performance becomes a natural by-product, not to mention uncommon levels of passion, commitment, and loyalty . One of our core values that supports this is: Embrace Freedom and Flexibility. We believe that rigid rules are unnecessary with a team of highly engaged, passionate, and committed people. We value results and recognize that self-directed people perform at a higher level and take better care of their lives when they're able to design for themselves how, when, and where they work. We’re now a company of over 100 employees and have only had three people voluntarily leave in our entire history. We’ve been extraordinarily capital efficient, and based on a reputable benchmark, we were recently producing about 2x the average revenue per employee of companies at a similar size and stage.  

- David Hassell, Founder + CEO, 15Five