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Who Is this
Course For?

The Freedom-Centered Leader course is for our members' top leaders and high potential leaders who want to learn the proven skills for how to lead themselves and others with freedom and accountability rather than fear and control. 


How Long
is the course?

The Freedom-Centered Leader course is a 12-week transformational leadership course that unleashes potential, breaks through self-imposed limitations, and delivers transformational leadership results for individuals, teams, and organizations. 


What’s the

The Freedom-Centered Leader course is designed for every learning style, teaches timeless and timely leadership skills, and gives access to proven as well as exclusive WorldBlu Academy content for transformational results. 


What's the
Impact + ROI?

Join leaders from 65 countries worldwide who have all achieved breakthrough results, transforming their businesses, teams, bottom lines, and personal life with the Freedom-Centered Leader course.

The Freedom-Centered Leader™ Course

Are you ready to unleash your greatness in your organization or team?

If yes, then the WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Leader course is right for you!

Research shows that 75% of people voluntarily leave their job because
of a bad boss or manager,
costing organizations billions.

We believe the number one thing that causes dysfunctional
leadership behavior is fear.

In order to become a world-class leader, we must learn how to handle fear
and its impact on our behavior so that we can instead lead ourselves
and others with freedom and possibility. 

At the WorldBlu® Academy, we teach leaders the three dimensions
Freedom-Centered Leadership 
along with the proven leadership skills and behaviors
for leading with freedom rather than fear in every area of life.

Forget one-day workshops, conferences, and books that might be inspirational
but don’t offer you on-going coaching support or hold you accountable
for breakthrough results.

Our unique blended-learning approach delivers customized online content
with 1:1 transformation coaching, group coaching, and a global learning community, delivering powerful tools and transformational results
in your personal and professional life.

We’ve taught leaders from over 65 countries worldwide how to lead their organizations, teams and themselves  with freedom rather than fear,
creating a transformational impact to the bottom line.

That’s why top small business leaders and leadership teams
worldwide work with us.

Our approach to leadership simply works.


The Freedom-Centered Leader Assessment

Is the Freedom-Centered Leader course right for you?
Take our free assessment and find out!
iStock-615638058 2

Are you a fear-based or freedom-centered leader – or maybe somewhere in between? 

Take our proven Freedom-Centered Leader™ Assessment, used by leaders in over 65 countries, and discover where you are on the path to leading yourself and others with freedom rather than fear and control.  

Take our Freedom-Centered Leader Assessment

The WorldBlu
Leadership Platform

The cutting-edge WorldBlu gamification learning platform called BluSpark™ takes leadership transformation to the next level, based on the science of learning and growth. It’s powered by a global community of leaders, ideas, and proven results.



Our gamified learning approach boosts engagement, knowledge retention, and breakthrough leadership results. 


Peer-To-Peer Learning

Proven to be the most powerful way to learn, our peer-to-peer learning method enables peak performance.


1:1 Coaching

Our top transformational coaches are dedicated to helping you level-up to lead fearlessly in every area of your life. 


Blended Learning

Our blended learning approach combines a customized learning experience with live engagement, delivering transformational results.



Turn theory into practice through unforgettable experiential learning opportunities that transform you from the inside, out.


Global Tribe

Join a global tribe of world-class leaders committed to leading with freedom, not fear, transforming their lives, organizations, and our world for the better. 


How The Course works at a glance

Discover how the Freedom-Centered Leader
course works.

1: Discover

Begin by discovering the 3 key attributes of a Freedom-Centered Leader.


2: Earn Badges

Earn 12 out of 100 available badges customized to your leadership goals and needs.  


3: Top Coaching

Participate in meaningful 1:1 and weekly group coaching sessions with top transformational coaches.


4: Peer-To-Peer Learning

Learn how to up your game through peer-to-peer learning.


5: Redesign

Redesign the way you live, lead, and work as you develop new leadership skills that help you advance your business and career.


6: Tribe

Learn alongside other top leaders in our tribe from over 65 countries worldwide.


Leadership Skills You’ll Develop

There are 100 badges – or leadership skill areas –
to choose from in the Freedom-Centered Leader course.

Here are select leadership skills you'll have
the opportunity to develop.
  • worth

    High Self-Worth

    Great leadership starts with loving yourself.

  • governance


    Learn how to take responsibility for your behavior and actions for breakthrough results.

  • knowledge


    Discover what you need to be at your best each day.

  • feedback

    Give + Receive Feedback

    Learn how to successfully give and receive feedback.

  • moral courage

    Moral Courage

    Learn to lead with integrity and moral courage even when it's difficult.

  • fearlessness


    Unlock our 5-step practice for living fearlessly in every area of your life.

  • boundaries

    Healthy Boundaries

    Learn how to set healthy boundaries so you can feel happier.

  • confidence


    Develop a deep sense of inner confidence and conviction.

  • management1

    Time + Energy Management

    Learn how to manage your time and energy for success.

  • purpose

    Purpose + Vision

    Discover your purpose and vision so you know the right paths in life for you.

  • focus-1

    Clarity + Focus

    Overcome resistance by gaining clarity and focus so you can achieve your goals.

  • democratic

    Democratic Management

    Learn how to lead your team using a democratic, rather than command-and-control style.

  • emotional intell

    Emotional Intelligence

    Develop a greater sense of emotional intelligence so you can connect with others more easily.

  • accountability

    Personal Accountability

    Learn how to take extreme ownership of your life so others know they can trust you as a leader.

  • awarenes


    Increase your self-awareness so you can lead more effectively.

  • spirituality

    Spiritual Growth

    Explore the option of spirituality in the workplace and its role in your life.

  • joy

    Gratitude + Joy

    Develop an unshakable sense of gratitude and joy, even during challenging times.

  • thought

    Depth of ThoughT

    Learn how to go deep by engaging in meaningful self-reflection and critical thinking.


ABOUT Select Badges In the
FREEDOM-Centered Leader Course


Average Rating: 10/10

This badge helped me crawl inside the deepest, darkest places in my head, and crawl back out again. I now feel like I am standing in the sun with a map to guide me forward.

Callie de Roussan

United States


Average Rating: 10/10

I believe this is a mandatory badge for everyone to truly think about vulnerability as a concept because it creates more trust and connection and no fear.

Alexandra Enke



Average Rating: 10/10

I can't be more positive about this badge! The most important people in my life are now benefitted every day because of this badge.

Nathan Donaldson

New Zealand


Average Rating: 9/10

I absolutely loved this badge! Great topic to reflect upon and the content was invaluable in helping with that reflection.

Kevin Brinnehl

United States


Average Rating: 10/10

This badge is packed with big and small ideas to make one's work and personal life more harmonious and effective. I highly recommend it!

Ann Brown

United States


Average Rating: 9/10

Good listening is an essential leadership skill and this badge helps show participants what it looks and feels like to listen at deeper levels.

Kara Conley

United States


Average Rating: 10/10

This badge is worth the time you put into it and it helps you recognize where your boundaries are and where they may need to be.

Emily Jacoby

United States


Average Rating: 10/10

A powerful tool that you can use both in your personal and professional life building trust and stronger relationships! Totally worth doing it.

Rita Abrantes



Average Rating: 10/10

Wonderfully reflective, powerful badge. As a 'perceived' extrovert, this badge has shown me that it is ok for me to be a proud Ambivert.

Garry Turner



Average Rating: 10/10

Receiving feedback is as important as giving feedback. Learning how to do both is critical. This badge gives you tangible steps to create better conversations.

Annette Jensen

United States



Have a question about the Freedom-Centered Leader course?
We have answers! 

How is the Freedom-Centered Leader course different from other leadership courses?

Most leadership training comes in the form of 1-2 day workshops, keynotes, conferences, books, and traditional courses. However, research shows that we only retain about 10 percent of what we learn through a traditional lecture format and there is no built-in accountability system for actually implementing what you learn through these methods. There is also no community to support you along the way.

What's different about the Freedom-Centered Leader course is not only our proven curriculum that teaches you how to lead with freedom rather than fear and control but also how we deliver the course.  After many years of trial and error, we discovered the number one way to produce real leadership transformation and it's through gamified learning, world-class one-on-coaching, peer-to-peer learning, and a supportive global community. Anything less is a waste of time and money and won't produce lasting results.

Who is the Freedom-Centered Leader course for?

The Freedom-Centered Leader course is for our members' top leaders and their high potential leaders who want to learn the proven leadership skills for how to lead themselves and others with freedom and accountability rather than fear and control. They must be coachable and open to transformational growth to be accepted into the course. 

Member organizations wishing to have their employees trained in Freedom-Centered Leadership should schedule a call with us to talk about who would be the right fit for the course. 

Who is not the right fit for the course?

Individuals who are not open to growth, are not coachable, and who do not want to take extreme ownership of their success are not the right fit for this course. 

When does the next course start?

The Freedom-Centered Leader Foundations course starts on the first day of each month.

Who developed the concept of Freedom-Centered Leadership?

Traci Fenton, Founder and CEO of WorldBlu, developed the concept of Freedom-Centered Leadership™ based on over 25 years of research in leadership and work with top leaders globally. The Freedom-Centered Leader course was developed by Traci with input from top leaders, educational experts, coaches, and our clients. 

How long is the course?

The Freedom-Centered Leader Foundations course is 12 weeks long. After the Foundations course is completed, leaders may choose to earn more leadership badges. They have the option of continuing in our monthly Accelerator program, or they can sign up for our year-long Freedom-Centered Leader certification program. To become a WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Leader, one must earn a minimum of 50 out of 100 badges.

What is the time commitment for the course?

The Freedom-Centered Leader course is designed for busy leaders around the world who are managing active work and personal lives.

Because the course is online and we do our coaching calls over the phone, you don't have to waste time or money out of the office or on an airplane for this course!

We tell participants to allocate 5-7 hours a week for the course. The amount of time does vary depending on which badges you select. Some badges take a shorter amount of time, others, which may involve reading a book, for example, take longer. 

Overall, participants tell us that that workload is doable and not overwhelming – and a lot of fun!

I'm so overwhelmed with work, do I really have time to do this?

One of the most common excuses we hear from top leaders is that they don't think they have the time to do the Freedom-Centered Leader course. They are overwhelmed, burned-out, and don't think they can add even one more thing to their plate. 

The problem is if you don't do the course -- what happens? Do you stay stuck in the same old patterns that got you into this pit, never living your fullest potential? How will you ever breakout and breakthrough to the next level without new tools, a new mindset, and a coach to support you along the way?

The Freedom-Centered Leader course is not designed to overwhelm you; it's designed to teach you how to set healthy boundaries, delegate, and manage your time and energy better to help lift things that are on your plate OFF so you can reclaim your life and find the joy in your work again. 

We've had countless leaders go through this course and within weeks tell us how much better they feel emotionally, spiritually, and physically, how they now have more time with family and friends, and how they now have the tools to lead themselves and others with freedom rather than fear. And don't you think you'd have the time for that

What exactly are “badges?”

Research shows that gamified learning is the most effective way to absorb and retain learning for transformational results. The Freedom-Centered Leader course delivers gamified learning through 100 high-impact badges (aka: learning modules) in the course. 

Our 12-week course requires participants to earn 12 badges, two of which are required.

The leader and their coach will work together to select the 10 other badges the leader will earn throughout the course, customized to their unique leadership skill needs and goals. 

What is the process for applying for the course?

To apply for the Freedom-Centered Leader course, simply click the "Apply Now" button and complete our short application. One of our top transformational coaches will set up a time to interview you to make sure you are the right fit for the course. If yes, you will be accepted into the course. The course begins on the first of each month and you can select on which date you want to begin. 

What is the average completion rate for the Freedom-Centered Leader course?

To date, the completion rate for the 12-week Freedom-Centered Leader Foundations course is 99 percent.  

Who will be my transformational coach?

Once you are accepted into the course, we will have you complete a pre-coaching questionnaire. WorldBlu will then match you with a top transformational coach based on your needs. 

I want to put multiple people from my organization into the course. How do I do that?

Great! The Freedom-Centered Leader course is designed to develop a world-class leadership team at our members' organizations. Please click the button to book a call with us and let's set up a time to talk through the possibilities as well as our special pricing for teams of more than five people. 

Once I complete the 12-week course, then what?

Once the 12-week Freedom-Centered Leader Foundations course is completed, leaders may want to earn more leadership badges. They will then have the option of continuing in our monthly Accelerator program, or they can sign up for our year-long Freedom-Centered Leader certification program. To become a WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Leader, a leader must earn a minimum of 50 out of 100 badges. 

Will I still have access to the course content and my work after the course is completed?

Yes! You will have access to all the work you did on the course online.

You will also be able to download all your course work into a beautiful PDF that shows all your work.

You will not, however, have access to the content in the badges you did not earn after the course is completed.

To continue to have access to all the content, you can join our Accelerator program or continue in our Freedom-Centered Leadership certification course. 

Do I get a certificate for the course?

Yes, you do! Upon successful completion of the course, we will email you a certificate with a link to a recommend glass frame for it so you can proudly display it.

You can also put in your LinkedIn profile, on your resume or CV, or in a bio, etc. that you completed the WorldBlu Freedom-Centered Leader Foundations 12-week course.

If you continue into our Freedom-Centered Leader certification course, you will earn an additional certificate as well.  

I’m ready to sign up, now what?

Great! Simply click the "Apply Now" button and complete our short application. We will then be in touch to set up an interview with you. We look forward to connecting with you! 

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