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Widen is a marketing technology company that assists organizations in managing their digital assets.

Industry: Computer Services Type: Private

Why Freedom at Work™

We are all amazingly creative people in diverse ways and practicing Freedom at Work allows each employee to cultivate their inner creativity to frame challenges and solve customer problems. This inherent creative freedom is expressed without the traditional threat of termination upon failure; only the loving embrace of newly acquired knowledge.

We practice Freedom at Work because it translates to customer value. Our customers see our Freedom at Work through our marketing technology. They experience innovative product design, new functionality, scalable architecture, responsive and knowledgeable service, and opportunities to connect with the customer community. They see our values on display through our social channels and annually at our customer event. Customers love the employment environment we have created. Freedom at Work has empowered Widen employees to create these experiences and customers receive tremendous value as a result.

- Matthew Gonnering, CEO, Widen