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The Democratic Institute is an organization spearheading social change through educational programs.

Industry: Education Type: Not For Profit

Why Freedom at Work™

We are an organization for social change that promotes democratic culture in Israeli society. We want to see Israeli society celebrate its diversity, not just as a startup nation, but across all walks of life. We believe in socially active and diverse inclusive communities, and we work tirelessly to build a society based on justice and equality, using 4 main principles: dialog, participatory democracy, mutual responsibility between individuals and communities and socially involved community. 

We promote democratization in the Israeli education system, local authorities, social organizations and businesses. We train teachers and educators on the concept of participatory democracy as the future of education leadership. We encourage agents of change, teachers and activists to take on leadership roles and promote democracy from the ground up.

We are an organization that promotes a humanistic and progressive approach, combining the individual and society in a mutually nourishing environment that makes them both flourish and grow.

This reciprocity reflects the individual’s skills while promoting shared social goals.

We believe that those who are influenced should influence others and we use a myriad of participatory tools to help groups and communities work better and succeed in achieving their goals.

In our 20 years of activity, we have trained thousands of agents of change, overseen democratization processes in hundreds of organizations and dozens of local authorities.

- Yotam Tron and Michal Gilboa-Ater, Co-executive Directors, The Democratic Institute