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PTHR deliver innovative and transformational work solutions and HR, Organization Design and learning products. Their ethos and approach to HR is progressive, alternative and unorthodox.

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Why Freedom at Work™

As the awesome Henri Hypponen said at the WorldBlu Summit in 2016, “fear makes us stupid”. With such complex challenges in the turbulent 20s, we need collective, shared and diverse participation to not only thrive but survive. Freedom-Centered ways of working liberate minds and souls to do their best work and discover who they really are and what they’re here to do through their work. There is a phrase “information wants to be set free”. So do people. Without interference, hindrance and trepidation, people show us time and again how brilliant they can be. Freedom at Work is the hallmark of sustainable brilliance.

- Perry Timms, Founder + Chief Energy Officer, PTHR