NRI Distribution

A WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Organization™

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NRI Distribution is a premium-branded warehousing and fulfilment company with operations in Canada and the USA.

Industry: Transportation Services Type: Private

Why Freedom at Work™

At NRI, the values of “Fairness + Dignity” and “Individual + Collective” drive our belief that we must commit to the people who come to work every day if we expect them to make any sort of commitment to us. Our challenge was to break the industry norm of using temp agencies’ employees and hire people based on values and fit within NRI. We mentored people, set specific goals and accountability, and increased the ratio of NRI employees on the production floor from 40% to 99%. These people are now more engaged, happier, and have seen an increase in pay and benefits, and NRI has seen a 10% reduction in labor cost.

- Bruce Churchill, Co-Owner, NRI Distribution