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ICE Creates is a change management and training consultancy based in the UK.

Industry: Professional Services Type: Private

Why Freedom at Work™

Human beings are born empowered, but often the workplace creates barriers and competition to disempower them. At ICE, we work predominately with the public sector, which often has hierarchically and fear-driven cultures. We experience how this level of fear impacts resilience and well-being, leading to poor functioning as an organization.

At ICE, we will not settle for second best for ourselves or our partners. As a Freedom-Centered Culture, we believe we have found an almost perfect paradigm that helps us in achieving our vision: To live in a society that is well, confident, and resilient and to be a place where we can be our best! This vision can never be achieved with a fear-based culture, yet with Freedom at Work we and our partners are experiencing more creativity, better decision-making, more autonomy, and increased productivity. But most important to us is happier and more connected people that get to be truly self-actualized.

- Stuart Jackson, CEO, ICE