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Boost helps people make a positive and lasting impact. They empower teams through pragmatic Agile training to solve complex problems with collaborative web and application development services.

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Why Freedom at Work™

We doubled our revenue in one year with WorldBlu. I remember it like it was yesterday. The dopamine hit of discovery as I realized I didn’t have to mimic the businesses around me, even the ones I deeply admired. We were struggling. We had a structure we thought followed best practice: myself as CEO, a General Manager leading operations and functional heads for the key areas. But it never worked. The team were disempowered, even infantilized. My epiphany came when I looked honestly at the WorldBlu principle of decentralization. I realized decision-making should happen as close as possible to the work or the data. I proposed a new leadership structure: a team of equals, serving the business. A year and a half later and the leadership team is knocking it out of the park; they’re aligned, committed and accountable. And WorldBlu has delivered benefits directly to our bottom line, with revenue doubling in one year.

- Nathan Donaldson, CEO, Boost