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The Children’s Academy and Learning Center (known as “ADECA”) is a vibrant primary school that serves as a model school in Haiti. It’s a place where educators from across the country come to see a quality, democratic school in action and discover methods of education and leadership that help them transform their communities.

Industry: Education Type: Not For Profit

Why Freedom at Work™

We choose to practice Freedom at Work™ at ADECA because we believe that it is the best way to achieve our mission of inspiring and preparing successful change-makers and driving school-based community development. Engaging ADECA staff through Freedom at Work leads to employees who care and are invested in their day-to-day work and the success of the school and community. At ADECA teachers and administrators have the opportunity to evolve and grow and to work creatively in collaboration with others. This allows them to grow personally and bring their best selves to work everyday. It also makes working toward our mission a meaningful and personally rewarding experience. As an organization, ADECA believes that Freedom at Work is the best way to guarantee long-term maximum impact for all the people we’re accountable to – including children, parents, partners, community members and donors.

- Alex Myril, Coordinator, ADECA