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Mindvalley: A WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Workplace™

You’re the CEO, an HR strategist, a Director of people …

. . . and you realize that the growth of your organization comes down to creating a world-class culture that delivers extraordinary results.

You understand that perks don’t create a culture – or grow leaders.

The yoga classes, bring-your-dog to work day, and free lunches only go so far.

You want to attract and retain top talent who want to fully engage.

You want to grow a company of leaders.

You want to create an in-demand culture everyone loves and
then you want to scale it.

And you don't just want to pay lip-service to culture or use it as a marketing tactic,
you actually want to build a great one.

Most importantly, you want to create a culture that is high-energy, high-growth, and high-performing.

Without this, your business is in trouble.

We can help.

However, most culture change programs don't work.

That one-day training you had all your employees do will be forgotten in a week.

That best-selling book you wanted everyone to read won’t transform your culture.

That free online series about how to reinvent your workplace isn't going to stick. 

That open-office design you invested too much money in won’t create a workplace
of highly engaged and connected employees.

Every day we see leaders and organizations wasting thousands of dollars on perks and
culture programs that don’t address the real issues and lack a clear strategy,
and don’t create lasting, transformational change.

The fact is, there’s a huge difference between ideas you see other businesses do that
you hope will work in your organization and having an
actual proven system that does work.

Your Culture. Elevated.

At the WorldBlu® Academy, we teach you our proven practices, skills, and behaviors
for building high-performing, freedom-centered, workplace cultures.

We teach you the proven Freedom at Work™ system we’ve taught companies and
leaders for over 20 years and give you the support to take action to create extraordinary
transformations in your company.

This is why many of the top brands in the world have worked with us.

Our process simply works.

We invite you to watch our complimentary, 45-minute training
and check out our results.

We promise it will be the best 45 minutes you could spend on
transforming your workplace culture.

If you like what you hear, then book a call with us to explore if our Freedom at Work Foundations course is a right fit for you and your organization.

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The WorldBlu Master's Circle

Organizational leaders who successfully complete our Freedom at Work Foundations course
at The WorldBlu Academy are eligible to apply for our advanced training in the WorldBlu Master's Circle.

The WorldBlu Master's Circle

It's Time to Level Up.

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The Freedom at Work™ Summit


Cultures We've Impacted

We’ve impacted hundreds of organizations from small businesses
to Fortune 500® companies around the world.
Here are a select few.

The WD-40 Company
Happy Ltd.
Start With Why
Universitatea Alternativa
 Citrix Podio
Haiti Partners
The Link School
Menlo Innovations
NRI Distribution
New Belgium Brewing
Great Harvest