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Who Is this
Course For?

The Freedom-Centered Culture Design course is exclusively for C-suite leaders and heads of HR/People (or equivalent) of member organizations who are committed to designing a Freedom-Centered Organization. The prerequisite is that their organization needs to take the Freedom at Work Scorecard before starting the course and the two leaders need to have completed the Freedom-Centered Leader course. 


How Long
is the course?

The Freedom-Centered Culture Design course is a transformational 12-month experience, delivered through online courses, proven content, a step-by-step design process, and one-on-one top coaching.


What’s the

The Freedom-Centered Culture Design course gives top leaders access to 100 proven democratic best practices that they can adapt to their organizations, a proven process for designing custom best practices to meet their needs, and monthly 1:1 coaching sessions with top transformation experts guiding them every step of the way. 


What's the
Impact + ROI?

Independent research found that organizations that are a WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Organization and practice the Freedom at Work model has 700% greater revenue growth (on average) over a three-year period compared to the S&P 500 companies. Independent research also found that WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Organizations were much more resilient during challenging economic times. 

The Freedom-Centered Culture Design Course

Are you ready to build or scale a high-performing
freedom-centered culture in your organization?

Would you like to take the guess-work out of the process
and discover a proven system for how to do it?

If yes, then the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course is for you!

The problem crippling most workplace cultures today is that they
are driven by fear, causing massive disengagement
and costing companies billions.

Lack of engagement, poor communication,
distrust, silos, fiefdoms, anxiety, stress, and overall dysfunction
are all symptoms of fear in our workplace cultures,
whether that workplace is a Fortune 500 company, a
growing small business, a school or government.

Fear causes us to make bad decisions,
wasting time and money, harming valuable relationships,
and costing the organization as a whole. 

So how do we eliminate – or at least minimize –
the toxic fear limiting a culture's overall performance? 

Here's how you do it. 

Independent research indicates that 75% of what determines
if a workplace culture is freedom-centered or fear-based
depends on the design of an organization’s systems and processes.

The problem is that most leaders don’t know how to design
systems and processes based on freedom-centered rather than
command and control principles, unintentionally creating even more
bureaucracy, distrust, and fear.

So it's time to learn how

In our exclusive Freedom-Centered Culture Design course, we teach our members our proven 7-step process for how to design and implement
proven freedom-centered practices into their workplace culture.

Our unique blended-learning approach delivers real transformation
through exclusive and customized online courses and content and
one-on-one transformation coaching.

The Freedom-Centered Culture Design course
takes the DIY guesswork out of how to build a world-class culture
and makes it faster, easier, and more fun
to build a high-performing culture people love.

The result? Less fear, more growth, and a culture people admire.

We’ve worked with hundreds of small to Fortune 500 companies and leaders, delivering breakthrough bottom-line results that scale.

That’s why top business leaders and organizations
worldwide work with us.

Our strategic approach to culture transformation
simply works.

Welcome to the Freedom-Centered
Culture Design Course


Yours in freedom,
Traci Fenton, Founder + TribeBlu


The Freedom at Work Scorecard

Interested in applying for the Freedom-Centered Culture Design Course?
The first step is to have your organization take
the Freedom at Work™ Scorecard.
15Five Team -min-1

The Freedom at Work Scorecard, used by leading companies all over the world, is the premier strategic tool for leaders who want to build a workplace culture based on freedom with accountability as a strategy for massive bottom-line results.

Our Freedom at Work Scorecard shows you what no other assessment in the world can show you, delivering proven results.

Discover the Freedom at Work Scorecard

The WorldBlu Freedom-Centered
Culture Design Course Platform

The cutting-edge WorldBlu gamification learning platform, BluSpark™ takes culture transformation to the next level, based on the science of transformation and growth. It’s powered by a global community of leaders, proven ideas, and results.



Our gamified learning approach boosts engagement, knowledge retention, and breakthrough results. 


Peer-To-Peer Learning

Proven to be the most powerful way to learn, our peer-to-peer learning method inspires new insights and connection. 


1:1 Coaching

Our top transformational coaches are dedicated to helping you build a top Freedom-Centered Culture that works. 


Blended Learning

Our blended learning approach combines a customized learning experience with live engagement, delivering transformational results.



Turn theory into practice through tangible, experiential learning opportunities that will transform your culture.


Global Tribe

Join a global tribe of world-class leaders committed to building Freedom-Centered Cultures that are a model for the world. 


How The Course works at a glance

Discover how the Freedom-Centered Culture Design 
course works. 


1: Discover

Begin by benchmarking how freedom-centered your culture is with the Freedom at Work Scorecard, our organizational design assessment tool.


2: Earn Badges

Earn badges that teach you how to lead with freedom and design democratic systems and processes, customized to your unique culture needs.  


3: 1:1 Coaching

Participate in monthly transformational one-on-one coaching sessions with your expert coach. 


4: Peer-To-Peer Learning

Learn how to transform your culture through peer-to-peer learning.


5: Redesign

Redesign your culture as you discover how to strategically design and implement freedom-centered systems and processes. 


6: Tribe

Learn alongside other members from around the world who share your values and commitment to success.


Culture Skills You’ll Develop

There are 100 badges – or culture skill areas – to choose from
in our Freedom-Centered Culture Design course.

Leaders will learn:

  • engage

    Meaningful Engagement

    Discover how to design meaningful engagement opportunities that deliver results.

  • align

    Purpose, Vision & Values Alignment

    Get employees clear about and aligned around purpose, vision, and values statements.

  • governance


    Create systems that replace micro-management with a culture of self-governed leaders.

  • feedback

    Give + Receive Feedback

    Teach employees how to successfully give and receive feedback.

  • moral

    Ethics + Integrity

    Cultivate an environment of integrity and high ethical standards.

  • decisions

    Effective Decision-Making

    Help everyone understand how to make democratic decisions clearly and effectively.

  • bureaucracy

    Greater Efficiency, Less Bureaucracy

    Trim the unnecessary bureaucracy that slows things down.

  • respect

    Respectful Communications

    Develop best practices that encourage respectful and effective communication.

  • hiring

    Effective Hiring

    Learn how to hire effectively for a Freedom-Centered Culture.

  • Increased Trust

    Increased Trust

    Discover how to design best practices that create real trust.

  • teams

    Collaborative Teams

    Create the systems and processes that allow everyone to collaborate effectively.

  • flex


    Effectively design how to give employees the flexibility they want.

  • design

    Scaling Your Culture

    Learn how to scale your systems, processes and overall culture effectively.

  • accountability


    Create systems and processes for effective accountability through your organization.

  • transparency

    Responsible Transparency

    Develop effective ways to have transparency that enables better decisions and trust.

  • auton

    Autonomy + Connection

    Design practices that balance autonomy with connection.

  • employ

    Employee Experience

    Discover how to design an overall employee experience that is fulfilling and inspiring.

  • inclusion


    Develop systems where all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully & have equal access to opportunities and resources.


Freedom at Work


Dallas Kashuba

Co-Founder, Dreamhost


Matthew Gonnering

CEO, Widen


Garry Ridge

CEO, WD-40 Company


Matt Perez

COO, Nearsoft

We grew 63% in one year, adding over $1 million to our bottom-line with Freedom at Work.

Nathan Donaldson

CEO, Boost



Have a question about the Freedom at Work mastermind?
We have answers! 

How does the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course work and what is included?

The Freedom-Centered Culture Design course is a 12-month course open to C-suite and HR/People/Talent (or equivalent) member organizations who have completed the Freedom at Work Scorecard within six months of beginning the course. 

The two leaders who will be in the course also need to have completed the Freedom-Centered Leader course as well. 

Any organization that meets these criteria can set up an interview with us about the course.

The course includes access to dozens of curated democratic best practices selected from WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Organizations, a step-by-step proven strategy for how to design and implement custom democratic best practices within your organization, and monthly one-on-one coaching calls.  

Do you have to be a WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Workplace to join the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course?

No, you don't have to be a WorldBlu certified Freedom-Centered Workplace to join the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course.

Your organization will, however, need to be a member of WorldBlu and complete the prerequisite of the Freedom at Work Scorecard within six months of starting the course. 

The two leaders leading the course also need to complete the Freedom-Centered Leader course before starting this course. 

Is the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course an advanced-level experience?

We designed the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course for those organizations just beginning to transform their culture, those at an intermediate level, and those that are more advanced. 

Leaders will find badges in the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course that are marked, "Foundational, "Growth," and "Advanced" to help guide and prioritize their practice of democratic organizational design. 

What pain will the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course help us solve?

There are so many "pains" the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course will help you solve, including the pain of wasted time and money on culture tactics without a strategy, the psychological pain of needing to create change but not knowing how to do it, the pain of isolation and loneliness that can come with running an organization, and the pain of working in a fear-based workplace. 

Through the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course, you will learn many leadership and culture skills and strategies that will eliminate and heal a lot of the fear plaguing most workplaces causing disengagement, a lack of trust, poor communication, bad leadership, stress, anger, and so much more. 

How do we apply and get accepted into the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course?

Go get accepted into the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course, you need to do the following:

1. Be a member of WorldBlu.

2. Complete the Freedom at Work Scorecard within six months of beginning the course. 

3. Have the two top leaders leading the course complete the Freedom-Centered Leader course. 

4. Complete the short application for the Freedom-Centered Culture course. 

We are looking for exceptional leaders who are coachable, take extreme ownership of their success, and are willing to do the hard work that is required to build a world-class culture for this course.

Who is the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course for and not for?

TheFreedom-Centered Culture Design course is open to C-suite and HR/Talent/People leaders (or equivalent) who want to transform their workplace cultures and are members of WorldBlu.

We are looking for individuals who are humble, hard-working, open to growth, are willing to take extreme ownership of their success, and are highly coachable. They must be willing to do the inner and outer work necessary to build a world-class culture. 

The course is not a good fit for leaders who are not open to growth, are arrogant and insecure, are not coachable, are not willing to work hard, and who do not want to take extreme ownership of their success. 

When does the course start?
The Freedom-Centered Culture Design course begins on the first of each month. Member organizations can apply and begin anytime.
How is the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course from other culture courses?

Most leadership and culture training takes the form of 1-2 day workshops, keynotes, conferences, books, and online talks.

However, research shows that we only retain about 10 percent of what we learn through a traditional lecture format. Additionally, there is often no built-in accountability system for actually implementing what you learn through these methods. There is also no community to support you along the way.

What's different about the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course is not only our proven curriculum that teaches you how to design and build the systems and process of a world-class Freedom-Centered Culture Design but also how we deliver the course. 

Through many years of trial and error, we've learned that the BEST way to produce real transformation is through gamified learning coupled with 1:1 coaching, and a supportive community. Anything less is a waste of your time and money and will not get you the results you want. 

How long is the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course?

The Freedom-Centered Culture Design course is a one-year experience that can be renewed annually.

We have rolling admissions to the course for our members and invite members to apply anytime. 

What is the time commitment for the Freedom-Centered Culture Design course?

The Freedom-Centered Culture Design course is designed for busy leaders around the world who are managing active work and personal lives.

Because of our online platform and coaching calls which you can take from anywhere in the world, you don't have to waste time and money out of the office or on an airplane and can instead put that time into the course.

We tell participants to allocate 2-3 hours a week for the course. Timing can vary depending on which badges you decide to complete. 

Participants tell us that that workload is doable and not overwhelming – and a lot of fun!

What exactly are “badges?”

Research shows that gamified learning is the most effective way to absorb and retain learning. The Freedom-Centered Culture Design course, is delivered through our cutting-edge gamified learning platform called BluSpark, which is comprised of 100 badges (aka: learning modules).

Badges are a unique and fun way to have a transformational learning experience that gets real results customized to your unique culture needs and goals. 

Who will be our transformational coach?

 You will work directly with Traci Fenton, Founder + CEO of WorldBlu, and/or Miranda Ash, one of our top Transformation Experts on your culture design work. 

When can we expect to see results?
You can expect to see results in your culture as quickly as you implement the ideas and listen to what your Transformation Coach guides you to do.
Can we continue the course after the first year?
Yes, you can continue to stay in the Freedom-Centered Culture course as long as you stay coachable, continue to take extreme ownership of your success, and are willing to work hard.
Will we still have access to the course content and our work after the course is completed?

Yes! You will have access to all the work you did in the course online. You will also be able to download all your course work into a beautiful PDF. You will not, however, have access to the content in the badges you did not earn after the course is completed.  

Do we get a certificate for the course?

Yes! You will earn a certificate upon completion of the courses.

We're ready to sign up now, now what?

Great! Simply click the "Apply Now" button to set up a call with us or complete our short application. We look forward to connecting with you! 

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