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Freedom At Work™: Growth And Resilience

Freedom at Work Report Cover

The groundbreaking Freedom at Work: Growth & Resilience white paper measures the impact freedom has on a company's performance, specifically revenue growth and resilience during challenging economic times.

In Freedom at Work: Growth & Resilience, we find that companies that have embraced freedom and democracy in the workplace - including leading brands such as Zappos, HCL Technologies, DaVita, New Belgium Brewing, Menlo Innovations, and WD-40 Company - dramatically outperform companies that use a traditional organizational model, proving that freedom and democracy in the workplace, rather than fear and control, delivers superior long-term results.

Download the white paper now to learn about more our three main findings:

  • Freedom-centered companies realize significantly higher revenue growth compared to the S&P 500 companies
  • Freedom-centered companies are highly resilient in challenging economic times
  • The Freedom at Work™ model creates the optimal environment for exceptional financial performance and organizational success

Download the White Paper Now:

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