The Freedom at Work Roadmap
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Get on the path to building a highly profitable
and meaningful Freedom-Centered Workplace™
with our proven step-by-step roadmap.

The Freedom at Work Roadmap
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Welcome to the Freedom at Work™ Roadmap and members' login area where you can
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The purpose of this roadmap is to guide you through the process of building a highly
successful Freedom-Centered Workplace, one step at a time.

Phase 1


The Freedom at Work™ Model

Discover the three parts of the Freedom at Work™ Model:
Mindset, Leadership, and Design through our video and more.







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Phase 2

Planning + Strategy

The Freedom at Work™ Scorecard

Begin your journey by discovering where your organization is on the path to building a Freedom-Centered Workplace with the world-class Freedom at Work Scorecard, used by hundreds of top brands around the world.

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Phase 3

The Right People in the Right Seats

The Fearless Purpose™ Course

Reduce turnover, increase motivation, have happier employees, and make sure everyone is in the right seat on the “bus” by having employees complete our Fearless Purpose Course where they will discover their purpose and vision for their life and how to live it personally and professionally.

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Phase 4

Mindset Development

The Fearless Mindset™ Course

Help employees breakthrough limitations and stalemates, make better decisions, build stronger relationships and play a bigger “game” by learning the 5-step process to shift their thinking from fear to freedom in an instant in our Fearless Mindset course.

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Phase 5

Leadership Development

The Freedom-Centered Leader™ Course

Help top-level leaders and high potential leaders develop high self-worth, self-knowledge and an ability to self-govern – the three key attributes of a Freedom-Centered Leader – so they can lead themselves and others with freedom rather than fear and control.

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Phase 6

Design Your Culture

The Freedom-Centered Culture™ Course

Design the systems, processes, and best practices your workplace culture needs based on the proven WorldBlu 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy in our groundbreaking Freedom-Centered Culture course.

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TribeBLu Community Engagement

The Freedom at Work Summits

The Freedom at Work model comes to life at the WorldBlu Freedom at Work Summits, held twice a year. Listen to provocative presentations by world-class speakers, engage with current and potential members, and get inspired with new ideas and insights at our unforgettable live events.

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