Looking for solutions? What's your problem and how can organizational democracy help solve it? Rather than scratch-the-surface answers, organizational democracy goes deep and wide, creating a healthy environmental system within a company that addresses the core issues rather than just the symptoms. If your company suffers from even one of these problems, we believe organizational democracy may be the right answer for you.

Red with Black

Is your company in the red? Organizational democracy is a powerful tool for identifying the needless procedures and bureaucratic layers that often drain a company moving it from bleeding red to black.

Inefficiency with Speed

Through decentralization, open communication, and alignment around purpose, vision, and strategy (as opposed to policies and rules), organizational democracy helps companies shed impediments to speed and efficiency.

Management with Leadership

Organizational democracy frees people from the burden of trying to manage people. Democratic companies don't manage people – they lead them! Organizational democracy creates environments within companies cultivating leadership in every employee at every level of the organization.


When people have a voice and an invitation to engage in their company on a meaningful level the results are more than outstanding – they're tangible. The largest bank in South Africa was suffering from sagging morale, with their employee satisfaction survey reporting a negative score. Once they flipped to an organizational democracy, however, satisfaction shot up to an all-time high and people became more than employees – they became corporate citizens who civically engaged in their community as well.

Motivational Speakers with Meaning

Quit the hype – people want authenticity and meaning at work, not quick-fix motivational programs and incentives. Organizational democracy helps cultivate meaning by discovering and aligning an employee’s purpose with the collective goals of the organization. Is your company a place where people can develop their reservoir of talent and find meaning? If it is, you can say goodbye to wasting money on plastic incentives and instead give them something they can really sink their teeth into.

Stagnation with Growth

Has your company reached a plateau? Does it need a breakthrough to get to the next level? Organizational democracy creates an environment that is highly generative, innovative, and able to adapt rapidly to market changes and customer demands while achieving sustainable growth.


Democratic companies attract – and retain – highly talented individuals who thrive in environments that are innovative, engaging, and respectful of their unique contribution.

Gossip with Communication

Organizational democracy opens the lines of communication in your company in a systemic and responsible way, greatly reducing confusion, gossip, and false speculation.


Is your company innovating at the speed it needs to, or is it involved in faux innovation, a kind of self-entertainment that feels like it's creating something – but really isn't? Organizational democracy creates an environment that not only encourages innovation, it actually creates the mechanisms for people to create, learn, fail, learn again, and ultimately succeed.


In a post-Enron era, people both inside and outside of companies are tired of the blame – they want to see accountability at all levels of an organization. And that's exactly what organizational democracy delivers. Organizational democracy can only be achieved when freedom is balanced with discipline and accountability.

Them with Us

Tired of the Us-Them divide polarizing your management from your employees? Organizational democracy cultivates an environment of shared responsibility, collaboration, transparency, understanding, and mutual respect that bridges the unnecessary divide and gets people working on the same team.